The CSIR pursues impact in nine clusters. The clusters are technology industry convergences that represent the CSIR’s strategic focus, having been selected based on considerations of national priorities, the fourth industrial revolution and potential for socioeconomic impact.

  • Future production: Chemicals

    Chemicals cluster stays ahead of the curve by collaborating with industry and (inter)national academic institutions to find impactful solutions that focus on green chemicals, pharmaceuticals and material advancements.

  • Future production: Manufacturing

    CSIR Future Production: Manufacturing focuses its science, engineering and technology base on contributing towards South Africa’s re-industrialisation by developing or facilitating the uptake of new technologies that will improve the competitiveness and productivity of strategic local economic sectors. This includes technologies and paradigms articulated through the fourth industrial revolution (4IR).

  • SMART Places

    The CSIR, with its rich multidisciplinary science, engineering and technology base – in climate change, environmental sciences, energy, water, building science, spatial planning and cleaner production.

  • Defence and security

    Strengthening capabilities in defence, civil security and cybersecurity through advanced technologies.

  • Future production: Mining

    Supporting the growth and revitalisation of the mining industry through innovation for process, equipment and health and safety improvement.


  • Advanced Agriculture and Food

    The CSIR harnesses the opportunities afforded by transformative technologies to develop the agriculture and associated processing industries for inclusive growth and rural development, while improving the industry’s competitiveness through research, development, innovation and business innovation.

  • NextGen Enterprises and Institutions

    The organisation develops and applies capabilities in disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), digitalisation, modelling and simulation, and distributed ledger technologies for enhanced effectiveness, competitiveness, productivity and sustainability.

  • NextGen Health

    Driving a local healthcare industry and improving health outcomes through synthetic biology and advances in digital, diagnostic and treatment technologies.

  • Smart Mobility

    CSIR Smart Mobility impact areas focus on transport infrastructure, transport operations, and logistics management.