Future production: Chemicals

CSIR Future Production: Chemicals avails a unique set of offerings to its industry and public sector partners. The cluster’s customised approach to scientific research and development contributes to a sustainable, vibrant and competitive (South) African chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

With the world experiencing rapid changes, the CSIR’s Future Production: Chemicals cluster stays ahead of the curve by collaborating with industry and (inter)national academic institutions to find impactful solutions that focus on green chemicals, pharmaceuticals and material advancements.

In order to advance Africa’s economy, the cluster hosts three research platforms, namely (bio)-chemical conversions, pharmaceutical innovation technology and advanced materials. Each of these platforms is embedded in the following specialised areas:

  • Biomanufacturing Technologies: Addressing challenges experienced by both large and small businesses with testing or validating their products or technologies at commercial scale. With limited conversion of biomanufacturing research and development into commercialised products and technologies, the CSIR, through the Future Production: Chemicals cluster, bridges the gap by developing world-class products and processes for market uptake.
  • Centre for Nanostructures and Advanced Materials: Finding solutions in nano-enabled and advanced materials to meet current and future needs of private and public sector clients. The centre develops sustainable polymer (composite) and nanostructure production processes and materials to support polymer, plastics, health and chemical industries.
  • Pharmaceutical Process Technologies: Using flow chemistry to improve and localise smart pharmaceutical process technologies.
  • Industry innovation support programmes: Helping local industry improve its competitiveness by providing access to specialised facilities and skills, supported by the Department of Science and Innovation. Participants have access to large-scale prototyping and pre-commercial manufacturing infrastructure, equipment, expertise and access to business and technical networks. Research, development and innovation activities range from laboratory-scale validation to technology prototyping and pilot manufacture. The Future Production: Chemicals cluster also hosts several programmes, namely the Biomanufacturing Industry Development Centre, Biorefinery Industry Development Facility, Nanomaterials Industry Development Facility, Nano-Micro Device Manufacturing Facility and the Supercritical Encapsulation Facility.

Through each of these specialised areas, technology diffusion is facilitated into the market at an accelerated pace through the integration of digital technologies. Local industries are given the ability to develop innovative products and processes by gaining access to the CSIR’s world-class pilot scale infrastructure and technical skills.

The CSIR’s Future Production: Chemicals cluster aims to drive research, development and innovation, while localising transformative technologies. The cluster also continues to seek collaborative partnerships with industry and academia.

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Beeza Mtamzeli


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