Aerospace Industry Support Initiative

The Aerospace Industry Support Initiative (AISI) is an initiative of the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (the dtic) with a specific aim of improving the competitiveness of the local aeronautics, space, defence and sector-wide advanced manufacturing industries.

The AISI takes its strategic direction from government’s objectives with a specific emphasis on industrialisation of technology and technology-based supplier development. The dtic utilises the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and its position in the National System of Innovation as an independent, strategic directed research and development entity to give industry access to national expertise and infrastructure in order to improve its capabilities and offerings.

AISI Programmes

Focused Programme-Level Interventions

The AISI achieves impact in industry through focused programme-level interventions. The programmes are designed to assist industry to improve and acquire new capabilities that in turn enable improved competitiveness in the industry. Collaboration between the local industry and the AISI is a key element in improving competitiveness and establishing a global footprint in the advanced manufacturing environment.

Technology-Based Supplier Development

Enabling mechanisms for industry to improve productivity, implement quality management systems, optimise operations and integration into global supply chains.

Industry Development and Technology Support

Advancing production innovation such as use of advanced manufacturing and other  fourth industrial revolution technologies to build more durable, compact and efficient products.

Sector-Wide Accreditation Programme

Assist the broader advanced manufacturing industries including marine to enhance their visibility within local and global supply chains and increase their competitiveness. 

Sector Strategic Support Initiatives

Aims to provide strategic positioning of the aerospace, defence and sector-wide advanced manufacturing industries in support of national government objectives. The AISI implements strategic projects under this programme.

Promotion, Coordination and Awareness

Coordinating activities and promoting awareness of the aerospace sector in South Africa.


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Contact Person

Marie Botha

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