Your guide to a career at the CSIR

The CSIR’s multidisciplinary nature perfectly positions the organisation to help solve the increasingly complex problems of our time. It ensures that we leverage the best skills from a variety of disciplines and fields, and this makes for a stimulating and rewarding work environment. Computer scientists, for example, could find their skills applied to research efforts in anything from designing aircraft and helping companies to understand large data sets, to developing algorithms for controlling the behaviour of robots. These career paths are seldom linear. As scientists are exposed to so many different opportunities, many choose to grow in a whole new area of interest they had not considered before. A physicist working with condensed matter, for example, could discover she has an interest in nano-technology, lasers or synthetic biology and choose to advance her career in that direction.

Below are some of the careers you can pursue within the science, technology, engineering and math spectrum. You can also view our e-book for a more comprehensive scope of careers.