CSIR Contract research and development

The CSIR undertakes research and development for businesses and organisations of all sizes. In addition to its varied client base in South Africa, the organisation also works in the rest of Africa and around the world. Many of the relationships with these clients span several years.

The CSIR’s multidisciplinarity enables it to solve complex problems in many sectors. We have expertise in all aspects of the natural sciences, from mathematics, computer and information science and chemical sciences, to biological and environmental sciences. We have expertise in engineering and technologies such as coastal engineering, water infrastructure engineering, architecture, construction materials, nanotechnology, aeronautics and industrial engineering. We also have expertise rooted in the broad fields of medical and health sciences, agriculture and social sciences.

Typically, we apply our expertise in energy, industry, health, defence and security, as well as the built, natural and digital environments.

Find out how we can help your business or organisation deliver innovative solutions.

Contact information:
Executive Manager: Business Development and Commercialisation for the Mining, Manufacturing, Defence and Security division
Fabrizio Dionisio
Email: fdionisio@csir.co.za

Dr Kenny Tenza
Executive Manager: Business Development and Commercialisation for the Chemicals, Agriculture, Food and Health division
Email: ktenza@csir.co.za

Dr Kaven Naidoo
Acting CSIR Group Executive: Business Excellence and Integration
Email: KNaidoo@csir.co.za