Research centres

CSIR research centres are areas where research and technology in specific areas has been consolidated and developed into deep, world-class capabilities to support multiple areas of application. These research centres are linked to clusters where the relevant competences are most established, but capabilities are deployed across all areas where they are required.

CSIR research centres focus on polymers, composites and nano; synthetic biology and health science; mechatronics, sensor science and mobile autonomous systems; photonics; information security; energy; water resource management; emerging digital technologies and integrated cyber infrastructure.

CSIR Information and Cybersecurity Research Centre

The CSIR Information and Cybersecurity Research Centre focuses on research, development, and innovation of home-grown cyber and information security.

CSIR Energy Research Centre

The CSIR Energy Centre provides thought leadership, innovation and capacity building to address the two main energy imperatives of energy efficiency and cleaner energy.
Smart places water tanks

CSIR Water Research Centre

The CSIR Water Research Centre addresses shortcomings in South Africa’s water planning and accountability; infrastructure operation and maintenance; water treatment technologies and critical domain skills.
Emerging Digital Technologies for 4IR Research Centre

Emerging Digital Technologies for 4IR Research Centre

Centre was created for the express purpose of supporting the CSIR in addressing the opportunities presented by 4IR emerging technologies underpinned by 4IR digital technology blocks
CSIR Photonics

CSIR Photonics Center

The aim of the Photonics Centre is to equip South African industries with laser and photonics tools and processes to transition, transform and maintain their global competitiveness.
CSIR Manufacturing

CSIR Robotics and Production Centre

The centre collaborates with partners (from universities to private sector players) and places emphasis on skills development and training – particularly in and using 4IR technology.