Specialised Services

The CSIR offers a range of specialised, science and technology-based services directly to industry and other sectors. Such services include analytical testing in accredited laboratories, strategic environmental services, wire rope testing, mechanical testing and others. The organisation undertakes these services on a paid-for basis as an independent service provider.

Air and dust analysis

For the analysis of workplace and environmental dust as well as diesel particulate matter.

Environmental analysis

For the testing of water samples, and specialised analyses of organic compounds in soil, sediment, water and air samples.

Environmental management services

For a range of environmental assessment services in areas such as renewable energy, mining and natural resource management.

Fire and explosion testing

For full-scale surface tests for fires and explosions in a controlled environment.

Wire rope testing

For determining and testing the breaking strength and general condition of steel wire ropes for industry.

Mechanical testing

For testing and evaluating the mechanical properties of industrial products and materials.

Monitoring self-contained self-rescuers

For the monitoring and evaluation of self-contained self-rescuers used to supply mineworkers with oxygen during underground emergencies.