Industry Innovation Support

The CSIR is helping local industry improve its competitiveness by providing access to specialised facilities and skills as part of the Industry Innovation Partnership Fund, supported by the Department of Science and Technology. Participants have access to large-scale prototyping and pre-commercial manufacturing infrastructure, equipment, expertise and access to business and technical networks. Research, development and innovation activities range from laboratory-scale validation to technology prototyping and pilot manufacture.

Biomanufacturing Industry Development Centre

To translate biomanufacturing concepts and technologies into market-ready products and services.

Nanomaterials Industrial Development Facility

To produce and test nano-materials at industrial scale.

Biorefinery Industry Development Facility

The Biorefinery Industry Development Facility focuses on development and testing of biorefinery technologies in the South African context.

Mandela Mining Precinct

The Mandela Mining precinct is a public-private collaboration between the Department of Higher Education, Science and Innovation (DHESI); and the Minerals Council of South Africa (MCSA), managed by the CSIR.

Photonics prototyping facility

The Photonics Prototyping Facility (PPF) at the CSIR is aiming to address this problem by providing world-class facilities, technical support, equipment and scarce skills to assist in industrialising these untapped technologies.

Industrial Biocatalysis Hub

The Industrial Biocatalysis Hub was established to provide technical product and process development support to enterprises in the biomanufacturing sector using biocatalysis technologies, with the aim of creating and expanding biocatalysis capacity and uptake in industry.