Our vision, mission and values

CSIR vision

We are accelerators of socio-economic prosperity in South Africa through leading innovation.

CSIR mission

Collaboratively innovating and localising technologies while providing knowledge solutions for the inclusive and sustainable advancement of industry and society.

CSIR values

CSIR values statement:

Our beliefs, principles and the impact we wish to make to improve the quality of life of South Africans are EPIC. Team CSIR pursues Excellence, celebrates People, personifies Integrity, and welcomes Collaboration.



We strive for excellence and quality in everything that we do. We always strive to deliver solutions that surpass the expectations of our stakeholders. We hold each other to the highest possible standard in research, development and innovation, as well as all other facets of CSIR business. We believe that excellence is a product of investing in the continuous development of our people, processes and ways of doing business.


Our business is about touching the lives of people - our employees and business partners. We care about people. We respect each other’s diversity and conduct ourselves in a manner that upholds the dignity of every person. We believe in continuous personal development and encourage one another to seize opportunities for personal growth. We treat our stakeholders the way we like to be treated.


We act with integrity. We are honest and fair when dealing with one another and our business partners. We respect the trust that our colleagues and stakeholders place in us, and commit to ethical decision-making, delivery and governance.


We are keen to learn from one another, and collaborate across the organisation and with external partners to ensure that our work has the best chance of innovating a better future for South Africans. We actively share our knowledge and expertise by design, formally and informally, so that we can realise large-scale impact.