Partner with us

Our 70 year-plus track record in multidisciplinary research, complemented by the organisation’s world-class infrastructure and highly skilled staff, makes us a formidable partner in research, technology and innovation to contribute to economic growth and development in South Africa and globally. Our multidisciplinary value proposition is our strongest asset, which allows us to operate even in niche markets.

The CSIR has partnerships with a network of clients and partner organisations, regionally and abroad, as part of a global sphere of influence on matters of technology, providing integrated solutions and interventions.

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The CSIR supports the creation of new industries and enterprises, support existing industries and resuscitate declining industries.


The CSIR collaborates with national, provincial and local government in the quest to attain national outcomes.

Research and Technology Organisations and Higher Education Institutions

Implementing joint research projects of national and global significance.

State-Owned Enterprises

Scientific and technical advisory role in key sectors such as energy, as well as transport and logistics.

General Public Stakeholders